Missy’s adventures

Missy is doing fairly well. Right now she is at the vets office, spending the night.

Poor girl. First the amputation due to the injury she received and the reason I got her. Recovered so well from that!

Then kidney stone surgery! Again all went well. She transitioned to the prescription food great.

Now since we’ve had her, she’s needed extra fiber in her diet. Her bm’s were very firm, so I added pumpkin or butternut squash baby food to her food every day. Seemed to soften things up. Since she’d had problems she had connected the pain of going to the litter box. She has, from day oneĀ  pooed on the floor beside the box . No problem, I have a huge piece of linoleum that the boxes sit on. Not the first cat I’ve had that failed to make it in the box and linoleum is so much easier to clean than carpet.

Monday I had no poo to clean off the floor, odd. Tuesday again, no poo. Wednesday I called the vet and he examined her and saw she had impacted anal glands. Cleaned them out, antibiotic shot, some Cat Lax, and suggested adding 1/4 tsp metamucil daily for awhile.

Today, again, no poo. She also refused to eat her food, even after I added salmon oil. So back to the vet we go.

So, she us now at the vets. She’ll be getting a colonic enema. Her colon is stuffed! Also said her pelvic area is far too small and feels the injury may have also damaged her pelvis causing this and causing the problems with her bowels.

So added fiber everyday from now on, increase the metamucil to a half tsp. Adding more if I notice it’s having no effect. Continue with the pumpkin and squash (She loves it!)

This may happen again, or may not.

So, her pooing on the floor was actually a good thing! I have 6 cats, if she pooed in the litter box I’d never have known she wasn’t going!



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  1. Sorry to hear Missy is having more issues. Tripawd Purrkins brother a quad has bouts of constipation we have been thru a lot with him. Talk to your vet about adding Miralax 1/4 tsp 2 x a day. I mix with water and syringe it to Saxton. You can add to the baby food as well you have to add water for it to be effective.

    Be careful on fiber some cats have the opposite effect and can bind it is a fine line to balance, she might be dealing with megacolon, maybe not too an x-ray will tell you for sure.

    We have managed Saxton’s for years with Vitality Science Easy go and Miralax and rehydrated raw food diet. We have now added in Cisapride a motility drug, and we are going daily or every other day.

    Miralax is where I would start it is inexpensive, lactulose is sticky icky mess prescription is needed, and most cats hate it! It can cause teeth issues and electrolytes imbalances. Miralax does not, and our vets use it regularly with success this has to be started after clean out and continued to be successful. Some cats do not need a lot some cats need more we give Saxton 1/2 tsp 2 X a day right now. We have been thru a lot with Saxton he also has a narrow pelvis. We have done enemas at home and suppositories you name it we have tried it.

    We have a free app called presence it is a video recording app. I have an old phone set up to record the litter box, so I know who is doing what and that saves us ER trips in our multi-cat home.

    There is a support group with all kinds of info for megacolon/chronic constipation I follow.

    Feel better Missy this is manageable it takes trial and error & we hope for fewer errors it is the nature of chronic constipation and or megacolon. Just know manageable it is no fun either way. We hope to hear things are moving one way or another .Lots you can try so don’t give up hope!

    If you have questions or we can be of any help PM me. I’m no expert just have experience with this & living it for years.

    Hugs, Holly Purrkins & Saxton.

  2. I am SO glad Holly chimed in! THANK YOU Holly!

    Sounds like you are getting on the right path with some kind of help to keep her system running smoothly. If anything you get to play around with giving her whole foods that should improve her overall health, and she gets her own personal chef, a win win!

    I hope she is feeling better.

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