Missy is doing well

Kidney stone surgery went well.  Surgery was Monday and she got to come home Tuesday evening.

She was given Hills CD to eat, which, if anyone has ANY ideas on how to feed one out of five cats a totally separate food, I’d highly appreciate any hints/tips, etc  LOL

Sadly, this surgery has been harder on her than the amputation.  She had no feeling due to the femoral never being shredded for that, but she sure does have feeling in the kidney area.  But she is eating, pooing, peeing, etc, just lots of lounging and needing extra lovin’s.

Poor Missy Hiss

Took Missy to the Vet today.  She’s been doing fantastic!  Bebopping around the house.  But yesterday, she pottied on the kitchen rug, so today we went to the vet.  I knew there was trouble when they pulled in the ultrasound machine.

Sadly, she has kidney stones, so today, she’s having surgery to remove them.  Good size ones so they’ve been there a good amount of time.

Fingers crossed!

Missy and Lovey.