Missy is doing fantastic

Missy is doing great. She has adjusted so well and it seems as if she’s always been a tripawd.

There are a few limitations. She cant walk narrow ledges quite as easily and jumping distances are out.  She can jump up pretty well but not very confident at going across distances.

But boy can she run! Graceful, fast and smooth. Walking she has a definite hop, but running?, not a sign just zips around at top speed, careening around and sliding around turns..lol

The low sided litter box is being put up. She has no problems with the regular and all my cats decided they preferred it, so there is a mound of litter on the floor in front of it at all times.

She is just doing fantastic!

3 thoughts on “Missy is doing fantastic”

  1. Missy you are such a superhero! How beautiful to know that you’re living life to the max and not letting anything stop you. YAY!

    We would love to see you running circles around your pals. Tell your people to put up a YouTube channel so they can put your videos in here OK?

    I can just see you now, all graceful, strong and fast. Go girl, go!

  2. Do you use a litter mat? Get a litter mat or use a shag like bathroom rug for a litter mat.

    We used to use the shag bathroom rug and that works, We then invested in a good litter mat After Purrkins amp because we cut the box out for him to get in easier Purrkin is a front leg amp.

    The litter mat makes cleaning litter & litter scatter a breeze. I just pick the mat up and pour the litter back in. I am glad to hear the low lipped is a hit. We just have to work around these things 😉

    Running you cannot tell they are missing a leg pretty amazing isn’t it!? We are happy to read everything is going so well. Missy you are in furever home!!

    Thanks Mom for saving Missy!
    Hugs, Chin scratches to all the kitties
    Holly & Purrkins❤️

  3. That is such wonderful news! It is amazing how well they adapt, isn’t it? I have found a new mat on Amazon. I will see if I can look it up. I am going to buy a few more because not only do they hold litter well, they are soft, shaggy, and the cats actually like laying on them just because!
    Thanks for the wonderful update, would love to see a video!
    Jackie and Huck

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