Life goes on

Missy is still doing well. She has totally adjusted to life on 3 legs. Her only limitation is jumping. Which may actually be a good thing as she’s turned out to be quite the hissy girl and tends to try to intimidate the other cats. They get tired of her and head to areas she can’t get to lol. She is very loving and she and the dog are buddies but she seems to simply tolerate the other cats. No fighting going on, just lots of hissing and growling.

A new year begins

Things are going great for Missy. She is getting around fantastically. Fur is starting to grow back, incision is nearly healed, only a couple very small spots with a bit of a scab.  She’s now joined the other three cats in the nightly crazy cat run through the house. She keeps right up with the rest.

She and Fred have become quite chummy. They are my lap buddies so if they want to be in my lap they had to learn to get along.

She is the sweetest cat, so calm, patient, and relaxed.

When she puts her front feet under her front you can see how her broken shoulder blade protrudes. Doesn’t hurt or cause her any problems at all, but sure looks like it would. She did limp a bit at first but no limp now.

All I can say is I’m so glad she joined our family!



Stitches are out!

Missy Hiss had her remaining stitches removed today. Only two were left, the others had worked themselves out.  She did great! She wasn’t very cooperative when getting in the carrier but she’s had a quite a few vet visits recently and can’t say they were fun visits so I cant say i blame her. I’d probably be the same way.

Here she is just relaxing after a tiresome day of lounging on the couch. Just look at those eyes!

We’ve made a few modifications for her. Carpeted pet steps on either side of the pet gate to the cats room. The room has to be kept gated to keep my dog out of the litter box. He’s not real happy with steps so for now we’re good on that for now, but Miss has to get in and out. At first she went under the steps but now she’s going up and down with no problem.

Also have pet steps by the couch but for now she’s bypassing them and just crawling up. Thank goodness for furniture covers..

She gets where she wants to go just instead of jumping she crawls her way up.  Which is fine but when she crawls up my legs to get in my lap..ouch!! Lol

She can’t do long distance jumping, like from coffee table to couch. I have shelves on the walls for the cats which she’s not able to get to right now but will soon be adding a few lower so she can get up to them. Gotta have a high spot to view her kingdom!

So, life is good. She’s happy and healthy and healing well!

Missy and her buddy Morton.